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Only a few days left and winter comes upon us with its cold weather, so we prepare for walking in the rain, and we long to smell the smell of the baked goods that fill the house with warmth and joy, and we would prefer if we drank a cup of hot chocolate next to these baked goods…

Unfortunately, I still remember that photo last winter that my dry skin ruined it for me, Yes, my dear, despite our love for the winter with its small details, and the morning coffee with the tunes of special winter music, the dryness of the skin remains the most annoying thing in the winter.

Therefore, we offer you a winter skincare routine with the best natural products specially designed to take care of your skin in winter from Natavis, so that you can welcome the winter without fear of dry or cracked skin, so follow us…

Winter Skincare Routine:

روتين العناية بالبشرة في الشتاء

A successful skin routine depends on sticking to the right steps while choosing effective and original products that pamper your skin and give it a smooth bright look.
So, here are the tips and products that will help you in your winter skincare routine:

  • Lip balm: The winter cold affects the lips a lot, making them crack and lose their moisture quickly, which requires you to moisturize them throughout the day with a natural moisturizer rich in aloe vera. It is worth noting that lip balms have become colored in all colors of lipstick, which makes you enjoy a distinctive color and moisturizing at the same time.
  • Natavis vitamin c cleanser: The skin needs deep cleansing daily to remove dirt and makeup residues that clog pores and cause the appearance of pimples and pimples. Natavis vitamin C face wash gives you deep cleansing, hydration, and antioxidant protection at the same time, thanks to the presence of vitamin C that makes it superior to any other wash. It is worth noting that skincare experts recommend washing the face with lukewarm water, not hot water; Hot water robs the skin of its natural oils, causing it to dry out and crack.
  • vitamin c toner with natural rose water from Natavis: The toner generally helps to close the pores of the skin and remove the impurities stuck in it. In addition to the benefits of the natural rose water toner of Natavis, because it is extracted from the Damascus rose flower and does not contain alcohol; Which makes it restore the pH balance of the skin and thus fights the appearance of acne.
  • Natavis hyaluronic acid serum: After the skin dries up from the toner, apply a few drops of the magical moisturizing serum produced by the hands of Natavis experts. Hyaluronic acid boosts your skin's hydration thanks to its magical power of drawing water and locking it into the deeper layers of the skin. Which helps your skin to face the harsh winter weather and gives it hydration and care. It also improves the appearance of dark spots and unifies skin tone. You don't need a lot of hyaluronic acid serum just 3 to 4 drops, gently massage them on the face and neck and enjoy the deep moisturizing.
  • Natavis vitamin C Serum: Wait until your hyaluronic acid is absorbed and penetrates into your face, then apply a few drops of Natavis vitamin C serum, which is rich in antioxidants that fight the signs of aging, help regenerate skin cells and stimulate collagen protein production. In fact, vitamin C serum has proven amazing results in maintaining the vitality and freshness of the skin, especially when used regularly with hyaluronic acid serum. Also, Natavis vitamin C Serum is distinguished by the advanced formula that makes it hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for all skin types.
  • Moisturizing cream: You can choose a moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type, and do not think that oily skin does not need moisturizing in winter. The opposite is true, good hydration for oily skin ensures the regulation of the secretion of natural oil from its cells, thus reducing the grains and pimples that accompany this type of skin.
  • Sunscreen: Many women overlook the importance of sunscreen in their winter skincare routine, and think that it is a summer thing. Although the sun's rays in winter are more gentle than in summer, its rays cause severe damage to the skin and cause an increase in the secretion of melanin pigment. Therefore, we advise you to apply sunscreen daily, at least twenty minutes before going out, to protect the skin from UV rays.

The bottom line in your winter skincare routine is to choose products suitable for your skin type and rich in pure natural materials that blend smoothly with the layers of your skin and give you superior care that is free from the side effects of chemicals.

Pamper your skin this winter with a range of Natavis products inspired by the magic of nature.

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