Anti-pigmentation skin routine | Fight pigmentation with the power of natural products

A few days separate me from my graduation ceremony, which I dreamed of since joining the first grade...
I arranged everything for that day and carefully chose my dress, my shoes, and my bag...
But what I did not find a solution to is the lack of uniformity in my skin color and the spread of many spots on my face; After going every morning to the university and exposing my face to the sun for too long…
I wish that my skin would be free of pigmentation on this day, which I have been waiting for so long and will remain one of the best memories of my life…

It's okay dear, you can get your dream by following our skin routine against pigmentation with the help of the magical Natavis products that have the magic of nature's ingredients, all you have to do is follow these steps and adhere to them as much as possible.

Causes of Skin Pigmentation:

أسباب التصبغات الجلدية

We mention the causes of skin pigmentation in order to avoid them as much as possible, for the success of the skin routine against pigmentation.

  • Direct exposure to sun rays for long periods without applying sunscreen.
  • Skin pigmentation after acne treatment or skin inflammation due to chemicals in poor types of makeup.
  • Some medications such as birth control pills.
  • Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and lead to the appearance of melasma and facial spots.
  • Failure to follow the correct instructions after facial peeling or fractional laser sessions.

Anti-Pigmentation Skin Routine:

روتين البشرة ضد التصبغات

Skincare products fill the market and are numerous, to the point that girls are confused about what is really appropriate and effective, and cannot distinguish the good products from fake products that will not benefit them and may even harm their skin.
Therefore, in these tips, we combine the most important steps of the anti-pigmentation skin routine with the best effective products to help you in this routine.

  • Skin cleanser: Use Natavis vitamin C cleanser to deeply cleanse your face and remove impurities and make-up residues; To leave your skin fresh and gently clean, in addition to the enormous benefits of vitamin C in unifying skin tone.

To get the most out of Natavis Skin Wash, put a little of it on your wet face and then gently massage it all over your face for three minutes, then wash your face with lukewarm water and dry it gently.

  • Deep cleansing of the skin: For more deep cleansing of the skin, use Natavis toner with natural rose water, which cleans the pores of the face very carefully, reduces their appearance and prevents the occurrence of acne thanks to its ability to restore the pH balance of your skin.
  • Protecting the skin from damage: As we mentioned previously, the importance of avoiding the causes of pigmentation, but there are reasons that occur outside our control; Therefore, it is good to take care of protecting the skin from free radicals that cause skin cell damage and uneven skin tone.

When skin protection is mentioned, Natavis Vitamin C Serum should be mentioned at the same time; Your first army in the fight against free radicals caused by stress, and environmental factors around you.

In addition to its important role in the renewal of skin cells and then fighting the signs of aging and fine lines that turn into deep wrinkles.

  • Correcting skin pigmentation: The previous steps help protect the skin from the appearance of new pigmentation and contribute to the treatment of minor spots.

But stubborn spots need a stronger product to correct them, such as Natavis brightening Serum, which is amazing in treating dark spots and unifying skin tone in just two weeks.

This is due to its richness in natural ingredients that regulate the secretion of melanin pigment in skin cells and restore its balance, in addition to more antioxidants that give the skin superior protection against free radicals.

And we should not forget that Natavis Skin Lightening Serum contains hyaluronic acid; The most important product to moisturize the skin and give it super softness and an attractive look.

  • Peeling the skin: We all know that the melanin pigment accumulates in the surface layers of skin cells, and over time these cells die and give the skin a dull and matte appearance.

Therefore, we advise you to choose a natural exfoliator for the skin, such as: mixing coffee powder with a little milk and gently rubbing the face with it for two minutes, then washing it with lukewarm water, or any other scrub you prefer.

Repeat the exfoliation of the surface cells of the face once a week; In order to remove dead skin cells from above your skin; And then new cells appear that contain less melanin pigment thus you get a lighter skin free of pigmentation.

Do not forget to incorporate sunscreen as a major part of the skin’s anti-pigmentation routine, so that you will get great results that last as long as possible.

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