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Normally the skin produces a thin oily layer to maintain its hydration and protect it from drying out, but these fats represent a double-edged sword; Despite its important role in maintaining skin hydration, its excessive secretion may cause many problems for the skin, such as clogged pores, acne, and blackheads.

From this, we understand the importance of the oily skincare routine in regulating the secretion of oils and fats from the sebaceous glands in the skin to fight acne, and this is the topic of our article today, so continue reading with us…

Oily Skin Care Routine:

روتين العناية بالبشرة الدهنية

A proper routine for oily skin helps regulate the work of the sebaceous glands in the skin. Accordingly, only the right amount of oils are secreted, so we get their benefits and avoid their issues.
Among the steps of an oily skin routine are the following:

1.Facial Wash:

Oily skin needs to be cleaned constantly morning and evening in order to remove the excess fat layer and any impurities stuck to it from the pores of the skin.

Medical studies have found that the accumulation of fats and oils in the pores of the skin makes it a fertile environment for bacteria and stimulates the appearance of acne and blackheads.

It is worth noting that oily skin requires a gentle cleanser that cleans the skin well without stripping it completely of oils so as not to cause an adverse reaction, and irritate the sebaceous glands to secret more oils.

That's why we recommend Natavis Vitamin C Cleanser Being 100% natural lotion free of any harmful chemicals, in addition to its richness in vitamin C, which rejuvenates skin cells.

2.Deep pore cleansing with toner:

The toner helps to clean the pores of oily skin deeply, which enhances the protection against acne, especially the natural toner that restores the PH balance of the skin to its normal degree, such as Natavis Toner with natural rose water, ideal for oily skin.

3.Skin Moisturizing:

We must separate the skin's need for oils and its need for water. Although oily skin suffers from excessive amounts of oils and fats, it still requires moisturizing to provide it with water.

Therefore, we advise you to choose a light moisturizing cream (with a water-based basis) suitable for oily skin, in order to moisturize the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles without clogging the pores of the skin and causing pimples.

It is possible to choose a moisturizing cream with a sun protection factor to apply in the morning, thus reducing the layers of creams to avoid clogging the pores.

4.Peeling skin:

Oily skin requires to be exfoliated constantly to renew skin cells and remove the layer of dead surface cells that contain the remnants of fat, grease, and dust.

But do not over-exfoliate the skin; It is enough to make a natural exfoliating mask twice a week, such as a mask of white honey and brown sugar, or a mask of oatmeal and yogurt.

Oily Skin Care Tips:

نصائح للعناية بالبشرة الدهنية

After we knew the oily skincare routine, we offer you some valuable tips to achieve healthy skin successfully.

  • Make sure to wash your face at least twice a day.
  • Stay away from foods rich in unhealthy fats and fried foods, as they stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.
  • Don't drink too many caffeinated drinks and reduce your consumption of chocolate.
  • Make sure to remove makeup before bed.
  • Stick to applying sunscreen daily to avoid the harmful rays of the sun on your skin.
  • Do not expose your skin to dust and smoke as much as possible, as oily skin is very sensitive to these pollutants and this causes acne.
  • Do not touch your face as much as possible, especially the places of active acne, so as not to transfer the infection from one place to another, or transfer pollutants to your face, thus spreading acne to the entire face.

In conclusion, after we talked about the oily skin care routine and the most important Natavis products ideal for oily skin, we would like to draw your attention to the importance of staying away from stress and practicing relaxation exercises in order to reduce stress hormones that increase the spread of acne.

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