Basics of Skincare to Treat Melasma and Pigmentation

All women dream of motherhood, pregnancy, and childbirth, despite their knowledge of the difficulties they face during the journey of pregnancy and childbirth, but they accept all this fatigue with happiness and an innate love that God has planted in the hearts of all women.

One of the most prominent skin problems that appear in pregnancy with the hormonal changes that a woman's body is going through is melasma, which appears in the form of brown spots on the face and neck.

In this article, we discuss ways to treat melasma to help you restore the purity of the skin while enjoying your journey in the world of motherhood, so keep tuned…

Causes of Melasma

Causes of Melasma

Although hormonal disorders during pregnancy are the most common cause of melasma, there are some other reasons that cause these brown spots to appear, including:

  • Constant exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun.
  • Thyroid hormone disorder.
  • Using bad quality cosmetic products that affect the secretion of melanin pigment from skin cells.
  • Some contraceptive drugs.
  • Hormonal disruption due to anxiety and stress.

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Melasma Treatment

Usually, melasma treatment requires several months until the skin produces a new layer of cells devoid of cells crowded with melanin pigment, and then the skin color becomes uniform and the facial skin becomes clear without spots.

The melasma treatment plan is divided into home tips to treat minor melasma cases and protect against the appearance of more melasma, and plastic sessions to treat intractable melasma cases.

Tips for Treating Melasma at Home

Tips for Treating Melasma at Home

  1. Avoid direct exposure to direct sunlight, especially at noon, when the sun's rays are very strong and activates the cells that secrete melanin, and be sure to put on sunscreen daily before going down in the morning.
  2. Moisturise your face daily with a moisturizing cream suitable for your skin; In order to improve the freshness of skin cells and help them to regenerate and then produce new healthy cells that contain a moderate amount of melanin pigment.
  3. Use Natavis Brightening Serum on the areas of melasma after washing and drying the face; Because it has a distinctive effect in unifying skin tone and treating melasma and skin pigmentation, thanks to the fact that it contains a distinctive combination of natural substances that regulate the secretion of melanin pigment and renew and moisturize skin cells at the same time.
  4. Avoid the causes of stress and anxiety, and make sure to allocate a special time for you to practice your hobbies or any activity that helps you relax, in order to reduce stress hormones that increase skin problems.
  5. Regularly follow the natural skin peeling recipes at home every week to get rid of the dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin.

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Sometimes melasma does not respond to the home routine and requires cosmetic sessions to reduce its appearance as much as possible, such as:

Melasma Treatment With Plastic Sessions

Treatment of melasma with laser sessions

Doctors determine the type of laser waves appropriate for each case of melasma according to the nature of the skin and the degree of melasma color.

The laser sessions aim to remove and peel the surface layer of cells filled with melanin in a quick time, and then give an opportunity for new cells to appear and restore the radiance and freshness of the face.

It is worth noting that laser melasma treatment sessions are safe and give quick results, but they are a little expensive, and you may need several repeated sessions to reach the result you want.

Melasma treatment with chemical peeling

The chemical peeling technique of melasma is based on the same idea of ​​the laser to get rid of the surface layer with its accumulated pigment.

It relies on peeling the skin with some different chemical acids, which require a careful examination of the skin by a specialist doctor to determine the appropriate peeling material for your skin.

In conclusion, we advise you to try the home tips for treating melasma first, since they are easy and safe, and give them an opportunity to treat melasma and rejuvenate your skin cells.

And if you want to choose cosmetic sessions, choose carefully the clinics of these sessions so as not to cause any side effects.


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