Benefits of a moisturizing serum for a more radiant, vibrant and youth looking complexion

Recently, many products have appeared that indicate the benefits of moisturizing serum, in order to look smooth, radiant and more youthful. People with dry skin look tired and older and sometimes get itchy and irritated. Moreover, if drinking water a lot is one of the most important ways to moisturize the skin, one of the most important benefits of moisturizing the skin is moisturizing the outer layer of it, making it look luminous and healthy, and wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.

What are the benefits of moisturizing serum for the skin?

benefits of haydrate serum

Dermatologist, beautician and workers in the field of skin care products pointed out the many benefits of moisturizing skin serum, the most important of which were:

Skin protection:

The haydrate serum protects the skin from drying and improves water retention. It also prevents the skin from premature aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, one of the most important benefits of moisturizing serum for the skin is to protect it from itching and redness.

Improve skin tone:

Dry skin makes it look dull, and constantly moisturizing it with moisturizing serum as a daily routine makes its color fresh and unified as well.

Hydration speed:

The concentration of the skin moisturizing serum is higher than other skin care products, in addition to the fact that the serum is more stable on the skin and penetrates the skin more and faster.

Absorption speed:

Moisturizing serum is a skin care product, and although it is more stable on the skin, it is less viscous and therefore is more easily absorbed into the skin.

Soothing sensitive skin:

The moisturizing serum is an ideal product for people with sensitive skin, as it is a less viscous product and is suitable for acne-prone or oily skin.

Results are more visible:

Because the skin moisturizing serum is faster absorbed, more stable on the skin and higher concentration compared to other types of skin products.

How does a moisturizing skin serum work?

This hydrating serum contains hyaluronic acid, a molecule that holds water in the skin to make it look fresh and younger. At younger ages, the skin produces a lot of hyaluronic acid, which is bound to collagen, but as we age, the skin's production of collagen decreases and the hyaluronic acid bound to it decreases.
Serums containing hyaluronic acid can temporarily retain water in the surface layers of the skin, which can make it appear smoother and smoother. The moisturizing serum also has the ability to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines, and with continued use protects it from early signs of aging.

How do we use moisturizing skin serum?

If some think that young skin in general does not need moisturizing serum, this is a misconception. The skin in general needs a moisturizing serum as a healthy and preventive routine to take care of it, as this may help prevent skin discoloration, oxidative damage, dryness, premature skin aging and wrinkles.

Here are some tips for using a moisturizing skin serum:

The best way to use a hydrating skin serum is to apply it as a base layer under other skin products such as moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup.
The moisturizing serum can be used once or twice a day after cleansing the skin well with a good cleanser.
There are many types of moisturizing skin serums, each with a purpose and ingredients. However, Natavis ultra-hydrate serum combines several ingredients to moisturize the skin and make it more youthful.

Why choose Natavis Ultra-Hydrate Serum out of the many types of moisturizing products?

haydrate serum

Natavis Serum for moisturizing the skin contains many important elements, the most important of which are:

  • Hyaluronic acid: It is known that the body's production of it decreases with age, and it is a major cause of dry skin and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Aquaxyl: which stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, preserves water in the skin and helps to form ceramides.
  • D-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5): Responsible for softening the skin and protecting it from redness, inflammation and dryness, as it forms a wall to keep water in the skin and not lose it.
  • Glycerin: which doubles the hydration and softness of the skin, because it maintains water in it, and at the same time resists the signs of aging.

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