The Correct Way to Wash Your Face

Skincare tips begin with the golden advice of washing the face in the morning and evening, and many dermatologists tell us about the importance of washing the face, but what is the correct way to wash the face?

Although we wash our face daily since childhood, have you thought about the correct face washing steps? Perhaps the subject is really strange to learn the steps we usually do since childhood, but what is wrong with learning the finer details of skincare until we reach impressive results?

The Correct Way to Wash Your Face:

  • Removing makeup before washing the face: The first step in washing the face properly is to use makeup remover to get rid of makeup from the surface of the skin.

You need to choose a type of remover suitable for the type of makeup used, meaning that you should choose a remover that has an oily texture if you use waterproof makeup, and choose a remover that has a watery texture if you use regular cosmetics.
Put some makeup remover on a clean cotton pad and start removing eye makeup first, then run the cotton pad on the rest of your face.

  • Wash your hands first: Before you wash your face, wash your hands well to avoid the transfer of dirt and bacteria from your hands to your face, and then protect your face from getting pimples and acne.
  • Apply a face cleanser: Make sure to choose an appropriate cleanser to clean the face deeply and gently at the same time, and do not use ordinary soap to wash your face, as it is not suitable for the face.

The natural face cleanser is the best choice for cleaning the face, especially the cleanser that is free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, and preservatives.

You will find a luxurious cleanser produced by Natavis for natural skincare products, suitable for all skin types, and it rejuvenates your skin cells, as it is rich in antioxidant vitamin C.

Spread the cleanser on your wet face and rub it in circular motions to deeply cleanse and stimulate blood circulation at the same time.

  • Pay attention to the temperature of the water: Some girls think that the pores of the face open up well and become clean when using hot water to wash the face.

While hot water causes inflammation of the face and damages large pores, we find that dermatologists always advise staying away from washing the face with very hot or cold water and prefer to use lukewarm water as it is more gentle on the skin.

  • Dry your face with a soft towel: Some women think that leaving water on the face to air-dry contributes to moisturizing the face!

This belief is completely wrong, as drying the face with air exposes it to dehydration, so it is better to dry the face with a soft towel by patting and not rubbing.

And pay attention, dear, to the need for the towel to be clean and free of bacteria, so the towel should be dedicated for the face only and for you alone, with no one sharing it with you.

  • Toner: After drying the face well with the towel, you can wipe your face with cotton soaked with toner to ensure a deeper and more effective facial cleansing.

It is worth noting that the toner not only contributes to cleaning the pores but also protects against acne; Since it restores the skin's pH balance that protects against the reproduction of bacteria.

You can get more benefits from the toner if you choose Natavis toner with natural rose water, which nourishes the skin and makes it fresh and radiant.

After we knew the correct way to wash your face, we would like to advise you in moderation on the number of times you wash the face, meaning that you wash your face in the morning and evening only if you have dry skin.

As for those with oily skin, they do not mind washing their face three times a day.


End the steps of washing the face by moisturizing your skin with the appropriate moisturizing cream for your skin type to get the full benefits of the moisturizer when you put it on clean skin.

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