The Best Products for Sensitive Skin for Calm Skin Without Redness

Women with sensitive skin suffer from a lot of problems with climatic fluctuations in temperature, and these girls are more confused when it comes to choosing sensitive skin products that solve their problems without causing more sensitivity.

It is worth noting that all skin types, whether dry, oily, or mixed, can be sensitive to exposure to harsh temperatures, air pollutants, dust, and smoke.

In this article, we learn together about the causes of sensitive skin and the most important tips that help you choose the right products for sensitive skin, so let's continue the article…

Skin Sensitive:

The skin's outer barrier strengthens the skin's ability to withstand dry weather and extremely low or very high temperatures and prevents the skin from losing moisture.

With a lack of care in strengthening the external barrier of the skin or its damage as a result of frequent exposure to irritants, its efficiency decreases and some harmful substances pass through it to affect the integrity of the skin and cause sensitivity.

Moreover, the substances that initiate the inflammation, which are secreted by the body due to the disruption of some immune functions increase the susceptibility of the skin to external irritating factors.

From this, we understand why sensitivity affects any type of skin, as it depends on some substances that increase inflammation and the weakness of the external barrier of the skin, whatever its type.


Products for Sensitive Skin:

Before we talk about sensitive skincare products, we stress the need to stay away from irritants that increase skin sensitivity, whether smoke, dust, or foods that increase body infections.

  • Face wash
All dermatologists stress the need to wash the face properly to remove impurities and makeup residues from the surface of the skin.

But when it comes to sensitive skin, more important than how often you wash your face is the type of face wash that soothes and gently cleanses your skin.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a face cleanser made of natural ingredients that do not cause skin inflammation and do not increase the signs of allergy.

Do not be confused, dear, and use Natavis natural face cleanser that is free of all skin irritants, such as alcohol, artificial colors, sulfates, and preservatives.

In addition, it is rich in vitamin C, which enhances the integrity of skin cells, and increases its tolerance to harsh environmental conditions without becoming inflamed.
  • Strengthening the Skin's Outer Barrier
After we understood the vital role that the skin's external barrier plays, it is logical to choose products that enhance the effectiveness of this barrier.

Vitamin B3 is the most powerful vitamin for strengthening the bonds between skin cells, thus acting as a barrier against moisture loss in the skin and preventing the passage of any irritant between skin cells.

In addition to the role of vitamin B3 in calming allergy symptoms of skin redness and itching, and helps the skin to heal quickly.

These scientific facts were so inspiring to the skincare experts at Natavis company for Natural Skincare Products, that they created Natavis Vitamin B3 Serum specifically to provide you with these benefits.

Natavis Vitamin B3 Serum contains the purest form of Vitamin B3 and a unique blend of natural ingredients that make it the best sensitive skincare product; It helps calm sensitive skin and reduces the chances of irritation whenever it is exposed to irritants.
  • Sun Screen

The sun's rays cause irritation and redness of sensitive skin, and most sunscreens irritate sensitive skin.

Therefore, you should choose sunscreen for sensitive skin and avoid direct exposure to sunlight as much as possible, while keeping the skin moisturized constantly.

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Finally, remember that sensitive skin needs great care in selecting cosmetics, so select the types of makeup designed for sensitive skin and be sure to test the products for sensitive skin on a small part of the skin of your hand to see your body’s reaction to it and assure that your skin is not allergic to it.

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