Winter Dry Skin Care Routine Secrets

The cold weather in the winter affects the freshness of all skin types and causes some dehydration, and of course, it is more severe on dry skin because of its nature which makes it more susceptible to dehydration.

Therefore, most women with dry skin suffer from many annoying symptoms in the winter, such as: cracking of the skin, itching, and severe dehydration, the matter may deteriorate to ulcers of the skin and bleeding.

Hence, the importance of sticking to the winter dry skin Care routine in order to help your skin to get through the winter months in all its freshness and splendor.

Our main purpose at Natavis for natural skincare products is to help you achieve fresh and healthy skin all year round, and then we learn together in this article the secrets of a winter dry skin Care routine in an expert way, so follow us…

Winter Dry Skin Care Routine

We change a lot of things in our lives with the change of seasons from summer to autumn to winter, of course, we wear a heavy coat and drink a lot of warm drinks, so it is normal to change some habits of skincare.

Among the most prominent steps that we need to take in winter, we mention the following:

  • Don't overuse hot water: How nice to take a warm shower in winter! It gives us a lovely feeling, but remember that the longer you take a hot shower in the winter, the more dehydrated your skin will be due to the loss of moisturizing oils.

Therefore, it is better not to exceed the duration of the shower for more than ten minutes, and do not use hot water to wash the face in the morning and evening, but rather choose lukewarm water for this task.

  • Do not over-exfoliate the skin: Despite the well-known importance of facial exfoliation to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, moderation in the number of exfoliation times is imperative.

In fact, exfoliation removes some natural moisturizing oils of the skin, which means that once a week is very sufficient, unlike the tendency of some girls to exfoliate the face whenever some crusts appear on the surface of it.

  • Take care of drinking water: The importance of internal hydration for the skin is no less important than the use of moisturizing creams.

The problem is that some girls neglect to drink water well in the winter because of the lack of sweating, but the skin still needs water even in the winter.

  • Apply the moisturizing cream immediately after the shower: Moisturizing creams help to lock the water in the skin, from here we understand the importance of this advice that we put the moisturizing cream on wet skin immediately after showering - instead of putting the cream on dry skin - so that the effect of the moisturizing cream is doubled.
  • Use fragrance-free products: Artificial fragrances cause skin irritation and thus contribute to the feeling of itchy and dry skin, so skincare experts advise choosing natural, fragrance-free products - such as Natavis products - to enjoy calm skin throughout the winter.
  • Moisturize the lips: the lips require continuous moisturizing more than once in the cold winter days, due to their delicate nature and ease of cracking and ulcers.

Choose the right lip balm for you and put it in your bag wherever you go, to moisturize the lips whenever you feel dry instead of licking them that increases their dryness.

  • Consult the doctor: If you adhere to the previous advice and your skin condition does not improve, consult your doctor, as some cases of dry skin in the winter are the result of eczema or psoriasis and not the dryness of the winter.


After we mentioned the secrets of the winter dry skin care routine, we advise you to read the ingredients in skincare products well and avoid products containing alcohol and parabens because of their harmful effect on dry skin.

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