The Perfect Winter Lip Moisturizing Routine

The shape of the soft full lips is reflected on the beauty of the entire face, but who among us is not exposed to dry lips, especially in winter.

Most girls suffer from cracked and peeling lips with the dry weather and the lips appear red and painful as well, so we will learn together in this article ways to moisturize the lips so that you can enjoy the winter weather without fear of cracking or peeling the lips, so keep tuned…

Causes of Cracked Lips:

أسباب تشقق الشفاه

Usually, the lips crack due to exposure to cold, dry weather, especially with the habit of licking the lips like an involuntary movement or pulling the skin violently.

In addition to neglecting to moisturize the lips in the right way, not drinking enough water throughout the day, or taking some medications that cause dry lips, such as acne treatment.

It is worth noting that the tissue composition of the lips does not contain the sebaceous glands responsible for secreting an oily layer to maintain skin hydration, and this makes it more susceptible to dehydration with exposure to environmental factors and sunlight.

Lip Moisturizing Benefits:

فوائد ترطيب الشفاه

Moisturizing the lips helps to show them in an attractive, smooth, and moisturized way, free of cracks and white crust, and then the lips appear healthy and do not cause you pain.

And do not forget that soft lips make it easier for you to apply lipstick and make it appear smooth and even without annoying cracking.

Moisturizing Lips:

ترطيب الشفاه

After we understand the nature of the skin of the lips and the causes that cause cracking, we learn about the most important tips that keep the lips moisturized, including:

  • Use Lip Balm:

The lips need to be constantly moisturized daily to maintain the outer layer of the skin of the lips, so keep moisturizing the lips with the right moisturizer for you.
And choose a natural moisturizer that gives your lips the necessary hydration, and it is preferable to choose a lip balm with a sun protection factor of at least 30 degrees; To get double protection from dryness and sunlight at the same time.
It is not surprising that you suffer from dry lips despite moisturizing them daily. Dermatologists have stated that some types of lips need to be moisturized four times a day to remain moisturized.

  • Lip Peeling:

Dry lips where the skin appears in the form of dry raised patches need regular exfoliation once a week to return to the soft and smooth texture.

Pick a lip scrub or make a natural scrub yourself at home, spread it on the lips, and leave it for about 10 minutes so that the oils in the scrub turn the dry layers into soft skin.

Gently rub the skin of the lips with the scrub for a maximum of 30 seconds, rinse them well, and dry them gently, then moisturize them with moisturizer as usual.

It is worth noting that after a period of commitment to moisturizing the lips and exfoliating them periodically, you will not need to peel them every week and the lips will always appear moisturized and with a smooth texture.

  • Healthy Nutrition:

The lips are affected by the nutritional state of the body and the lack of vitamins; It is not surprising that some diseases related to vitamin deficiency can be diagnosed by examining cracked lips.

Therefore, make sure to eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins important for the beauty of the lips, such as carrots, rich in vitamin A, and broccoli, rich in the vitamin B complex.

Also, avoid exposing the lips to the hot spices found in food; So that the skin of the lips does not become inflamed, red, and painful.

And of course, do not forget to drink 8 glasses of filtered water daily throughout the day to moisturize the body from the inside and moisturize the skin of the lips.

Our last tip for moisturizing lips is to have a small packet of lip balm in your carry-on bag; To keep your lips moisturized throughout the day instead of licking them whenever they feel dry.

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