4 Effective Ways to Treat Facial Freckles

Freckles appear in the form of small, flat brown spots, unlike skin nevus that is raised from the surface of the skin, and girls' view of freckles varies according to culture and country.

Some girls classify freckles as one of the distinctive beauty features that add more beauty to their white faces, while others believe that the freckles decrease the brightening of their faces and should be treated.

Therefore, in this article, we talk about ways to treat freckles on the face to achieve a uniform complexion free of pigmentation, so keep tuned…

What Is Freckle?

What Is Freckle

It is strange that despite the fact that freckles are often genetic, no one is born with freckles on their face. Rather, freckles appear with exposure to sunlight, especially for women with white skin and red hair who carry genetic for freckles.

Freckles usually appear in the form of brown, tan, or red flat spots that are not prominent and painless, on places exposed to the sun such as the face, shoulders, and hands.

Facial Freckles Treatment

Facial Freckles Treatment

We discuss the methods of treating freckles on the face and unifying the color of the skin, and we mention among these methods the following:


In fact, sunscreen does not treat actual freckles, but it does protect against the appearance of more freckle spots due to the sun's stimulation of melanin production.

Therefore, dermatologists advise women with fair skin to apply sunscreen daily, even on cloudy days in the winter.

It is necessary to choose a sunscreen with 30 SPF or more and put it a quarter of an hour before exposure to the sun, and do not forget to renew the sunscreen layer after swimming or heavy sweating in the summer.

Skin Whitening Serum

Dermatologists suggest trying a skin-lightening serum on freckle spots to regulate the secretion of melanin pigment and regenerate skin cells at the same time.

Thus, the skin produces new cells that do not contain an excess of melanin; Which causes freckles to fade and then disappear as much as possible.

Save your effort in searching for an effective skin lightening serum and choose Natavis Skin Lightening Serum, which is rich in natural Alpha Arbutin, which regulates the secretion of melanin pigment from skin cells.

In addition, it contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the renewal of skin cells, to produce new skin cells that replace surface cells containing excess amounts of melanin.

Skincare experts recommend using the serum twice a day on freckles, after washing the face well and drying it gently.

Laser Sessions

Intractable degrees of freckles that do not respond to lightening creams may need fractional laser sessions, which are sessions that rely on laser beams of a certain wavelength on the places of freckles in order to treat freckle spots.

In fact, laser sessions succeed in reducing the appearance of freckles by 50%, and it is a very safe method, but sometimes it may cause skin pigmentation and some darkening after the sessions.

Therefore, these sessions require careful examination by the doctor before them to determine the type of skin and the appropriate laser device for it so that no side effects occur.

It is worth noting that freckles require several sessions of fractional laser to show results, and this is a bit expensive for many girls.

Cryosurgery Sessions

This technique is based on destroying cells that contain an excess of melanin by freezing them or cooling them to very low temperatures.

These sessions are a painless way to treat freckles, so they do not require any type of local anesthesia, and you can return to daily activities immediately after the session.

However, these sessions must be repeated at specific intervals determined by the doctor to treat freckles on the face.

After we knew the different methods of treating facial freckles, we advise you to pay attention to sun protection with whatever method you choose for treatment to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and protect against the appearance of more acne.

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