4 Important Steps to Treat Large Pores

Pores are small openings in the skin connected to hair follicles through which oils and sweat come out, and sometimes appear wide, causing distress and shyness for girls and exposing them more to acne.

If wide pores are the first thing that catches your eye when you look in a mirror, and it affects your psychological state, then this article is specifically for you to learn together effective ways to treat large pores, continue reading…

Reasons for The Appearance of Large Pores

Reasons for The Appearance of Large Pores

Genetics usually control the size of the pores, but there are some other factors that cause the pores to appear wide, including:

  • Oily skin due to the presence of numerous sebaceous glands or the increase in their activity.
  • Not cleaning the skin regularly, which causes the accumulation of impurities and dirt in the pores.
  • Using beauty or skincare products that are not appropriate for your skin type.
  • Hormonal disorders and genetic factors.
  • Exposure to the sun without protecting the skin with sunscreen.

Large Pore Treatment

Large Pore Treatment

Although we can't change the nature of the pores that we inherit in our genetics, following a proper routine for treating large pores will protect us from getting the pores to enlarge more.

Good Skin Cleansing

The accumulation of dirt and makeup residues in the pores causes them to expand more, making them appear wider and reducing the freshness of the face, in addition to making the pores a fertile environment for bacteria and then causing acne to appear.

We understand from this the importance of cleaning the skin at least twice a day to keep the pores clean and protect them from stretching, provided that you choose the skin cleanser carefully so that it cleans the pores without stripping the skin of the necessary moisture to maintain its freshness.

Therefore, we advise you to try Natavis Natural Vitamin C Face Wash, as it is a 100% natural wash without alcohol, which ensures that you clean the pores of the skin deeply without drying out the skin.

In addition, it contains vitamin C, which is necessary to regenerate skin cells and protect them from free radicals, thus enhancing the freshness and radiance of the skin and treating large pores.

The correct way to clean the face

  1. Wet your face with lukewarm water (not hot or cold water).
  2. Distribute the cleanser and massage in circular motions for a minute.
  3. Wash the face with water well and dry it gently.
  4. Repeat these steps morning and evening.

    Peeling Skin

    The American Academy of Dermatology recommends the importance of exfoliating the skin once a week, to get rid of dead cells on the surface of the skin, which protects the pores of the skin from clogging with dead cells.

    It is worth noting that peeling the skin is not suitable for inflamed or skin with active acne; Exfoliation increases inflammation in these cases and does more harm than good to the skin.

    Moisturize the Skin Daily

    Moisturizing the skin regularly helps to regulate the secretions of the sebaceous glands, which are stimulated in case of dryness of the skin to secrete more oils, which leads to the expansion of the pores and the appearance of large ones.

    In fact, all skin types need daily hydration, but the difference between skin types lies in choosing the right moisturizing cream.

    We find that dry skin requires a moisturizing cream that has a heavy texture, while oily skin requires a moisturizing cream that has a light texture that does not clog the pores.

    It is preferable to moisturize the skin after washing it well in the morning and evening so that the secretions of the sebaceous glands are regulated, and the pores appear at their natural size.

    Use Sunscreen Daily

    Ultraviolet rays penetrate the layers of the skin and dry the skin, which increases the speed of the appearance of wrinkles and increases the dryness of the skin, and then the pores appear wider, so it is necessary to use an appropriate type of sunscreen daily.

    In the end

    we want to encourage you to follow the tips mentioned in this article in your daily skincare routine to treat large pores, and you will notice for yourself the change in the shape of the pores and its reflection on your look.

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