Spot Lightening after Laser Is No Longer Impossible With These Tips

The benefits of facial laser sessions occupy many parts of girls’ talks nowadays, and how you can restore the youthfulness of your skin in one session faster than sticking to a skincare routine for a long time.

In addition to the spread of laser hair removal sessions, which have been widely used by girls and women, to avoid traditional hair removal methods.

Despite the impressive results of laser sessions for the face, the spots that result after the laser remain the most frustrating thing for everyone who has experienced laser sessions.

In this article, we learn about ways to lighten spots after laser to benefit from the benefits of laser sessions without fear, so keep tuned…

Causes of Spots Appearing After Laser

Causes of Spots Appearing After Laser

Women expect that the laser will solve their skin problems, so they get very frustrated after the session when they get dark spots instead of the smooth fresh skin look.

Dark spots often appear due to using laser waves that are not suitable for the condition of the skin, or exposure to laser waves for a longer period than necessary.

The possibility of spots appearing increases if you undergo tanning sessions or chemical peeling sessions for the skin shortly before the laser session.

Also, do not forget that neglecting the instructions about avoiding the sun after the session, of course, exposes you to more spots and burns.

It is worth noting that conducting laser sessions in unlicensed and nonmedical places, such as beauty salons, increases the possibility of getting spots after the laser due to the inexperience of the workers in these places and their use of low-quality laser devices.

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Spot Lightening After Laser

Spot Lightening After Laser

The spots result from the increased secretion of melanin pigment and the exposure of the skin to minor burns from laser beams. These spots need to adhere to the spot-lightening routine after the laser for a long time until the spots disappear.

Tips for lightening spots after laser

Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible:

while using the appropriate sunscreen for the skin at least twenty minutes before exposure to the sun, and renewing the sunscreen layer every two hours, especially in the summer.

Skin cell renewal:

You can choose products rich in vitamin C to help renew skin cells and then produce a new layer that does not contain large amounts of melanin, which unifies the skin tone.

Speaking of products containing vitamin C:

We recommend Natavis Vitamin C Serum, with its advanced formula that contains Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, which gives you the benefits of vitamin C without causing any allergic reaction in your skin.

It is worth noting that Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is the most stable and resistant to oxidation of vitamin C derivatives, thus ensuring that the product does not oxidize and its excellent effectiveness from the first drop to the last drop in the package.

Regulating the secretion of melanin pigment:

You can regulate the secretion of melanin pigment from skin cells to ensure the treatment of spots after laser, and to ensure that the new layer of skin will not contain large amounts of pigment.

Alpha Arbutin (the main component of Natavis Skin Lightening Serum) helps inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase responsible for the production of the brown pigment known as melanin.

And then it treats dark spots and unifies the skin tone effectively and safely at the same time, moreover it is a 100% natural product that is free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and irritating colors

To get the best results, put two drops of Natavis Skin Lightening Serum on the places of dark spots after washing the face, and massage these drops on the spots until the skin absorbs them and begins to treat the spots.

Our last advice

after we got acquainted with the ways to lighten spots after laser, is to ask carefully about the place you choose to conduct the sessions in, and know the type of device used and whether those who provide the sessions are trained to use it and hold a license from the competent authorities or not. Prevention is always better than treatment.


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