How to Get Rid of Shiny Skin and Large Pores

All women dream of perfect skin that is completely flawless, but this perfect skin can only be found in mobile phone filters!

In fact, every woman suffers from some skin problems and no woman has 100 percent perfect skin, but with attention to these problems, the skin appears as clear and fresh as possible.

We talk together in this article about how to get rid of shiny skin and large pores to help women with oily skin get rid of this problem, so keep tuned…

Why Do Large Pores Appear?

It is normal for the skin to have pores to allow it to breathe, which are usually invisible or difficult to be seen, but the situation is different for girls with oily skin.

Pores appear wide and clearly visible in oily skin, especially in times of stress and psychological crises, or with the use of products that are not suitable for oily skin.

Although the size of the pores in the skin depends on the genetics of each girl, neglecting to clean the face of dust, dirt, and excess oils works to accumulate inside the pores and thus increases the issue of large pores.

The issue worsens with age when the skin loses a lot of its elasticity and the pores open more, and this problem is often accompanied by the glossiness of the skin, which increases the discomfort of women with oily and mixed skin.


How to Get Rid of Shiny Skin and Large Pores?

After we understand how this problem appears and the importance of following a proper routine to reduce the appearance of large pores and skin luster, we offer you the best practical steps based on recent medical studies, including the following:

  • Clean the face carefully: From our understanding that the accumulation of oils and dirt on the skin increases the size of the pores and their visibility clearly; We realize that cleaning the face in the morning and evening is a major pillar in getting rid of this problem.

But some girls make a mistake in choosing a strong sulfate-rich cleanser to clean the face violently. Sulfates dry out the skin and violently remove natural oils.

And then the skin is stimulated to produce more oils in an excessive way, which leads to the increase in the pores of the skin instead of getting rid of them.

Therefore, it is necessary to select a natural product that does not contain any chemical ingredients that harm the skin, and it is preferable if the cleanser contains antioxidants such as Natavis  Vitamin C cleanser .

  • Peeling the skin: Peeling the skin weekly helps to get rid of the layer of dead surface cells that accumulate inside the pores and contribute to their expansion, so peeling helps protect the pores from expanding or getting acne.

But be careful, dear, not to exfoliate your skin in case of acne so that it does not become inflamed and the problem of pores increases even more.

  • Deep Moisturizing: Since dry skin increases the secretions of the sebaceous glands, deep moisturizing of the skin regulates the secretions of these glands and reduces the appearance of shiny skin.

Therefore, dermatologists advise moisturizing the skin morning and evening after washing the face with a cream suitable for oily skin, meaning that it has a watery texture and not an oily texture.

  • Protecting the skin from the sun's rays: The sun's rays destroy the natural collagen in the skin, increase sagging skin, and disturb the secretions of the sebaceous glands.

Therefore, it is very important to regularly apply sunscreen daily to avoid the harmful effects of the sun's rays on your skin and its freshness, even in cloudy weather in the winter.


Our last advice on how to get rid of shiny skin and large pores is to pay attention to your psychological state and healthy nutrition that reduces the secretions of the sebaceous glands and improves the health of the body in general and the health of the skin in particular.

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