6 Magical Steps of Teenage Skincare Routine

Girls grow quickly in front of our eyes and bloom like flowers, who would believe that time passes quickly and that the child whose birth we celebrated - not long ago - has grown into a teenager!

However, with our joy because of the growth of our daughters and their reaching the adolescence period, the many problems they face in adolescence worry us, from fluctuating emotions, growth spurts, hormonal changes, in addition to skin problems.

Do not worry, my dear, about the concern of the skin. In this article, we tell you a skincare routine for teenage girls in order to relieve you of the burden of this special stage, so follow us…

Teenage Skincare Routine:

The skin is greatly affected in adolescence due to natural changes in sex hormones, so some girls suffer from the appearance of acne, blackheads, and other skin issues.

But with proper care and following this routine, you will get rid of all skin issues related to this stage.
1.Cleaning the face:
You need to clean your face daily at least twice, by choosing the right face wash for your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, or mixed.

According to the advice of skincare experts, you should select a natural face wash that is free of parabens, sulfates, and heavy mineral oils, in order to avoid the damage of these toxins to your skin and maintain its freshness.

Like Natavis vitamin C cleanser , which is made of 100% pure natural products, in addition to containing vitamin C that promotes skin health.

It is worth noting that washing the face should be with lukewarm water, not hot, and gently massage your face and avoid rubbing it violently.

2.Remove makeup before bed:
If you are a fan of following the makeup trends, we advise you to remove your makeup well before bed using makeup remover and face wash, as we explained previously.

Our precious advice regarding makeup is to stay away from anonymous cosmetics that may harm your skin a lot, and not share makeup tools with anyone so as not to contaminate and infect you.
Usually, hormonal disorders in adolescence cause an increase in oil secretions from the skin, so it is useful to wipe the face with a cotton wet with natural toner to deeply clean the pores and protect them from acne.

We suggest you try Natavis Natural Rose Water Toner, which is rich in the magic of nature and is suitable for all skin types.

The advantage of Natavis Toner is that it restores the skin's pH balance, giving you additional protection against acne.
You have grown up, my dear, and you are at the gate of youth, so we remind you of the need to use sunscreen daily at least twenty minutes before you go down in the morning.

And remember that using sunscreen is not about the weather; It should be used daily throughout the year.
After you have cleaned the skin with lotion and toner, it is time to moisturize it so that it remains fresh and radiant.

The moisturizing cream protects the skin from drying out and maintains the elasticity of the skin.

It is noteworthy that most girls believe that moisturizing the skin is a thing for dry skin only, in contrast to the scientific fact that proves that all skin types need moisturizing.
It is good to exfoliate the surface layer of your face weekly with natural exfoliators, but beware of using exfoliators if you have acne; Exfoliating may increase facial inflammation in this case.

After we mentioned the most important steps of the teenage skincare routine for girls, we remind you of the importance of maintaining your health at this important stage.


Proper nutrition is reflected in the skin, body, and psychological state, and remember that proper nutrition requires you to sleep well at night and not stay up late; To help your body regulate growth hormones and sex hormones as well.

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