The Dream of Getting Rid of Skin Luster Has Become Possible

The skin needs some natural oils to protect it from drying out and appearing in a fresh and radiant look, but when something gets too intense, it turns against it!

Despite the importance of the oils secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin, the excessive production of these oils exposes the skin to many problems, such as blackheads, acne, large pores, and annoying skin luster.

Therefore, we offer you the most important tips that will help you get rid of skin luster and enjoy fresh and bright skin throughout the day, so keep tuned…

Causes of Skin Luster:

أسباب لمعان البشرة

Oily skin tends to produce more sebum than normal and dry skin, but some causes may cause an excessive amount of sebum; And then make the skin look shiny and annoying, we mention among these reasons:

  1. Exfoliating the skin violently to get rid of excess oils, which causes a reverse reaction as the skin is stimulated and irritated to secrete more oils to replace the lost oils in the wrong way.
  2. Hormonal disturbance due to pregnancy, menstruation, or some hormonal birth control medications.
  3. Choosing products that are not suitable for oily skin, such as dry skin products rich in oils.
  4. Not following a daily routine for oily skin care, which causes oil to accumulate on the surface of the skin.

Getting Rid of Skin Luster:

طرق التخلص من لمعان البشرة

These tips help you get rid of oily skin and protect you from oily skin issues such as blackheads and acne as well.

  • Clean oily skin properly

Proper cleansing of oily skin is the cornerstone of an oily skin care routine. Meaning that you choose the right lotion for you and use it in the right way.

As for the appropriate lotion for oily skin, it should be characterized by its superior ability to clean the skin well of excess oils and impurities stuck inside the pores or the remnants of make-up, but it should be gentle on the skin so that it does not cause irritation and does not deprive the skin of more oils than necessary.

Do you feel this is a difficult task? Don't worry, Natavis Natural Skincare has solved this tricky equation; In Natavis Vitamin C Cleanser.

Natavis face wash gives you double protection against skin luster and acne thanks to its content of 100% pure and natural ingredients enriched with vitamin C, known for its great ability to fight free radicals and thus restore the natural balance of skin cells.

With regard to the proper way to wash oily skin, experts advise that it is necessary to wash the face in the morning and evening with lukewarm water.

First, put the cleanser on wet skin and massage it gently for 30 seconds, then rinse your face and dry it gently with patting, not scrubs.


  • Face Toner

After we have learned together how to select a skin wash and how to wash the face properly, we move to a very important step for oily skin care, which is the use of a pore toner.

Oily skin has large pores that require more care with a toner that cleans pores deeply and works to tighten them; This protects you from the accumulation of impurities or bacteria inside them and thus avoids getting acne.

There is nothing better than Natavis Natural Rose Water Toner, which restores the skin's pH balance, regulating the secretions of the sebaceous glands thus helping you get rid of the appearance of skin luster.

What is unique about Natavis products is that they are completely free of alcohol, which irritates the skin and stimulates the secretion of sebum, so all Natavis products are ideal for all skin types, especially oily skin.

Our last advice for getting rid of skin luster is to select skin creams or cosmetics of a watery and not oily nature, and do not over exfoliate the skin, for once a week is enough to clean the skin.

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