How did Coronavirus affect your skin? And what to do to fix it?

With the spread of Coronavirus, we all had to stay home in lockdown, we barely go outside.

Theoretically, your skin should be brighter since it doesn’t get exposed to air pollutants as it was before; you no longer wear makeup and you have more hours to sleep.

Theoretically, the skin has all it needs to breathe.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for many of us.

Is your skin pale? Is it drier than ever? Do you suffer surprising acne? Clogged pores? You are not alone. A lot of women around the world have complained of the same thing claiming that the lockdown has affected their skin badly. 

But what is the reason behind that? In this article, we will walk you through the reasons why your skin is suffering during the lockdown, and we will give you some simple pieces of advice that will yield a big difference in favor of your skin. 

Vitamin D shortage

Have you noticed your skin turned pale recently?

Although staying at home is a good thing since it protects your skin from UV lights, however, it also means that your skin will not be exposed to enough sun, hence it will not obtain the required amount it needs of vitamin D. Have you noticed your skin turned pale recently?

Vitamin D is important for your skin since it contains antioxidants that help in rejuvenating your skin cells, as well as helping in curing acne since its antibacterial characteristics. Natavis advises you to go out for one hour every morning to expose your skin to sunlight, we also advice applying toner before exposing yourself to sunlight to shrink the open pores so that it won’t be clogged by air pollutants.

Bye-bye Skin Care Routine

Many women link their skincare routine with going out habits. This gives a false perception that you may give up on your daily skin routine since you are staying home, make up free, with no exposure to air pollutants out there.

This is nothing but Misconception. Air dust and pollutants are still there, anywhere we go… even our homes. They tend to accumulate in your pores clogging it, which creates a perfect environment for bacterial growth and acne.

Bacteria and dust are surrounding us, everywhere, from our homes to our bedsheets. This is why we advise you to use Face Cleanser twice a day to get rid of any pollutants hiding in your pores.

What has changed? Everything...

Coronavirus has changed our lives drastically. There are new inputs in which we cannot live without. We cannot live without surgical masks and sanitizing alcohol, things that truly protect us from getting infected. Yet nobody denies how damaging they are to the skin.

Unlike the common misconception, surgical masks provide a suitable environment for bacterial growth since it accumulates dust on your skin surface for hours. On the other hand, repetitive usage of alcohol harms your skin.

Firstly, it kills your normal bacterial flora, and it causes skin dryness.

Skin dryness alerts your Sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum. When sebum accumulates it usually clogs your pores.

What should you do then? Moisturize...

Whether by drinking an adequate amount of water or by applying skin moisturizer, hydrating your skin is the perfect solution to balance the dryness resulting from sanitizing alcohol.


Your skin is your mirror. It reflects any minor change takes place inside your body.

Regarding the global pandemic, we all are facing is completely okay to feel worried, and it is common for your skin to share this worry.

Stress makes our bodies secrete larger amounts of cortisol hormone; this alerts the Sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum, which accumulates inside your pores.

Our pores don’t like abundance. They tend to swell and close as a response for excess sebum. This will finally cause inflammation and gives you swollen pimples.

Natavis emphasize how important it is to use face cleanser during this global lockdown. You have all the right to feel worried, just don’t make your skin shares this worry as well.

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