10 skin care routine mistakes that could harm your skin


No wonder we are all looking for the perfect skincare routine that glows our skin in the best way possible. A thing only maintaining skin routine would accomplish.

But ...

What if you’re adhering to a false skincare routine?

No matter how expert you are in skin routines, how well you are adhering to it, you still might commit mistakes related to how you’re applying your skin routine itself in a way that harms your skin more than benefiting it. That would bring a repeatable question to your mind…

How possible it is that I am taking all the care my skin needs, and yet it misbehaves to that extent!!

In this article, we came up with the most common skincare mistakes that may cause damage to your skin.


1- Doing your skincare routine immediately before bed

One of the most common skincare mistakes is using the wrong timing. Not only is it vital to choose the right products, but the right timing as well.

For your skin routine is not dependent only on what products you are applying to your skin, but how you’re using and when to use them.

Many of us falsely believe the best time for applying a nighttime routine is immediately before bed, especially if it involves vitamin c serum using. Well, this is nothing but a myth. Choosing such a time won’t give your skin enough time to absorb the products. Hence, your money will go to your pillow, not your skin.

It is said to be best to apply your skincare products and at least 1 hour before bed. This will allows the products time to get fully absorbed.


2- Not exfoliate/ over exfoliate

Exfoliating could be one of the most immediate resulting techniques, especially if you’re an oily skin lady. However, over-exfoliating is a big no-no for it speeds your skin aging rate by stripping it from its protective barrier, stripping it from natural oils, and giving it irritations.

 Alternatively, by skipping exfoliating, you are risking leaving your pores clogged with impurities and dead cells lurking around your face.

Under any circumstances, don’t exfoliate more than three times a week. This way, you will achieve balance: shedding your dead skin cells and allowing pores to absorb other products.

3-  Not applying your products in the correct order 

As much as it is crucial to pick the right time for applying your skincare products, it is as equal in importance to adhere correct order in applying them.

Products with heavier consistencies can block lighter-weight ones from penetrating the skin. This is why you must apply products with a thinner consistency before the thicker, creamier ones

4_ Your routine is complicated

To adapt a complicated routine, or even to mix a lot of products at the same time to maximize your benefit is not the right approach to take, for it will damage your skin most of the time,

Don’t combine water-based and oil-based products at once, as oil-based will block the absorption of the water-based product.

Don’t use a salicylic acid cleanser with Glycolic acid scrub. Both ingredients are used to shed dead cells. Combining them together would irritate your skin and cause redness and allergy.

Don’t mix Retinol with vitamin c, as you would be maximizing your skin sun sensitivity which will irritate your skin

5_ You wait too long in between products

While it's important to take your time between each product and another. However, this is not for all products. Some products, such as cleansers, open your pores while using them. You can’t leave your pores open as you would be risking dust, impurities, and bacterial accumulation.

This is why toner is important right after cleanser, as its astringent nature can restore pores back to their normal size.

That said, you ought to know each product you put on your face very well, what does it do and how does it work. Know this and you will avoid inevitable mistake damage

6_ You’re using the wrong toner and cleanser

Are you sure you are using the right toner and cleanser for your skin type?

Try to achieve maximum benefit out of simple products, look for a cleanser that :

- Contains antioxidants to protect your skin_

- Contains vitamin E for deeper pores cleaning

- Contains essential oils to balance skin oil production

Toner is also important to avoid dryness, irritation, and skin rash, especially after exfoliating sessions.

Look for a toner contains aloe Vera for skin moisturizing and astringent for the pores, a one that contains antioxidants, plant extracts, and vitamin B3.

The most important thing is to go for alcohol-free products. Otherwise, you will hit unexpected skin damages.

7- You don’t cleanse after a shower

At the first glance, it may look unreasonable to cleanse after a shower, you just washed your whole body, your skin looks clean in the mirror. Right? Well..look again!

Hair products containing silicon, paraben, and other chemical compounds may smoothen your hair. However, it may have other effects on your skin.

Petroleum derivatives, silicon, and sulfate have proved to trigger facial breakouts when touching your face while showering.

This is why it is important to clean your face from makeup before shower, not through it. Use some cleanser after the shower to get rid of any chemical perceptions that might still be on the face.

6- Using the same skincare routine in your 40s that you used in your 20s

Your skin changes as you age, which means your skincare regime should change with it.  Younger skin tends to be oilier than aged skin. The scrubs we used in our 20s will only work against us in our 40s.

As skin ages, it becomes thinner and dryer. It’s important to steer clear of the harsher cleansers, which may cause excessive dryness. Alternatively, look for cleansers with a gentle exfoliant.

9- you store your products in the shower room

While it’s important to use your cleanser after the shower. This is not an excuse to store your skincare products in your shower room (ladies' favorite place to hide their skin treasures).

See, your bathroom is a damp humid environment, this is why it’s not a perfect place for your products as fumes and humid impact the active ingredients, breaking them and shortening the shelf life of your products.

You might have asked yourself, why did your serum color change? Why your moisturizer became more liquid in texture? Your bathroom is the reason. Try to keep your products in a place with room temperature, like your bedroom for instance. This way you can preserve your products active

10- You change your cosmetics too often

It is not easy to resist the purchase of another product  when magazines keep showing us endless compilations of the best beauty products of the season. You keep thinking: maybe it will suit my skin better. Or Perhaps, you are afraid that your skin could adjust to the old cosmetics and that’s why you keep changing cosmetic items in order to get a better effect.

Not only It’s all in vain because your skin doesn’t take time to benefit from the products you’re using. But you are also risking your skin developing allergic reaction.

Each product has its own formula. Sometimes the components block each other’s effect. Frequent changing between products means you’re putting to much effort on your skin in too little time.

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